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Date: Sun, May 9th 2010, 18:12 Author: nick Views: 8443 Comments share

Peer Pressure -- hangin with the cool kids

I've been debating making the switch to github for a while now. I've always liked git just fine, but I felt more at home with SVN. However, the more I work and collaborate with users via github the more I really appreciate it, and git. However, as much as I've come to love git, some of the servers my clients use don't allow git for various reasons. With that in mind, moving to an all git system, while appealing, wasn't practical. That is, until github made their most recent announcements.

Github => {git|svn}hub

If you haven't heard, github has recently announced SVN read/write support for all their git repositories[1]. After that announcement, and playing with my github account through svn (and of course git), I've decided to give in to peer pressure and move all my open source CakePHP projects to my github account[2]. I figure this accomplishes two things. First, it doesn't leave any of you SVNers in the dust, in fact, you can still contribute even through SVN. Secondly, it becomes much easier for new CakePHP developers to discover WebTechNick's open source projects through a massive hub like github.

So, in light of this new change I will not be maintaining the older SVN repositories that were once previously on xp-dev. I have not removed those repositories yet, but I plan to after everyone has had time to switch their repositories over to git.

I've updated all the blog posts, as well as the download resources on this website to reflect this change.

I hope you all are as happy as I am about the move. :)