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CakePHP 2.0 Facebook Plugin [BETA]

Date: Sat, Nov 5th 2011, 23:17 Author: nick Views: 35106 Comments share

CakePHP Facebook Plugin

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  • git clone git:// facebook
With the help of stefan-zh I've released a beta version of the Facebook Plugin for CakePHP 2.0. This version utilizes the latest version of FacebookSDK and is lightly tested. It's currently in its own branch. Once I've updated all my apps to 2.0 and have thoroughly tested this version I will then kick the master branch to its own 1.3 branch and move the cakephp2.0 branch into master.

Christmas Comes Early

If you can't wait any longer and you want to help test it out. Please checkout the cakephp2.0 branch on github.