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New Home - All Plugins Upgraded to 2.x

Date: Sat, Nov 2nd 2013, 05:48 Author: nick Views: 20452 Comments share

Has it really been a year?!

It's been a long time coming, but I've had some free time recently and have decided to dedicate that time to go through all my old plugins and upgrade them all to CakePHP 2.x if they weren't already.

All of my plugins now have a cakephp1.3 branch (for those still on 1.3) and master as the new CakePHP 2.x compliant branch. Each tested against the latest CakePHP version (when writing this, CakePHP 2.4.2).

New Home For WebTechNick

In other news, I've also upgraded my website to the latest CakePHP version as well as change to newer, faster, baddassier servers. I'm sad to say goodbye to Downtownhost, they were great to me, but I've outgrown what they can offer. I've been slowly migrating all my clients to the new Digital Ocean cloud and last week I've made the dive (pun intended) myself.

More to come soon.

I have a lot of works worth writing about and will hopefully find time soon to post some of the newer and nicer techniques I've picked up as well as a few nice additions to plugins.