Nick Baker's Resume

Phone: 505-702-3639
Dedicated, self-motivated, on-time worker who understands the need for performance, security, and ease-of use on a deadline. Gifted problem solver who sincerely enjoys all aspects of programming and design from development to data-base design, programming, testing, documentation and customer training in numerous platforms. Self-starter on projects and self-motivated to find optimal solutions from paper to detailed designs. Excellent communication and team skills as well as superior customer service and technical skills.
Web Designer/Programmer/Software EngineerOngoing
Design, Develop, Program, and Maintain many award-winning 100K+ visits per day websites
  • Sr./Core PHP Developer and IT Administrator -- July 2010 to Present
    • Apart of an agile, great, and demanding team of engineers, designers, and editors.
    • In charge of developing, deploying, and maintaining large health based websites centered around the user experience
    • Maintained multiple dedicated Application Servers, Load Balancers, and Databases with automated backup, reporting, and self-recovery.
    • Strong emphasis on Search Engine Optimizations, including leveraging many caching engines, measuring and setting up goals in Google Analytics, A-B testing.
    • Developed Open Source SEO plugin for CakePHP simplifying many of the SEO tasks. ( )
  • Software Engineer/Web Developer at Stolen Bases LLC.
    • I excelled in a demanding small dynamic team environment working in a multitude of languages ranging from Ruby on Rails, IPhone development, to Prototype and other JavaScript frameworks. ( )
  • Computer Administrator and Web Master at Tanner Chaney Inc. (
    • Experience includes design and maintenance of complex data structure surrounding an account based e-commerce site using Perl, CGI, PHP, JavaScript and MySQL. Also includes filling orders, customer service, receptionist, and newsletter design.
  • Design and maintain many community/ecommerce websites with intricate backend database structures. (, ,,,,, many more)
  • Design and maintain personal as well as business web sites.
  • Troubleshoot and solve any technical problems one may have.
  • Train and educate clients about their PC operating systems, software, and other individual troubleshooting needs.
  • Computer Administrator for Manzano High School's Art Department.
GIS Interactive DesignApril 2007 - December 2008
Natural Heritage of New Mexico Research Assistant
  • Website used by research scientists to storage and retrieve data and map the distribution of plants and animals of New Mexico.
  • Ensure security for access
  • Design and implement user interactions for graphical interaction with data retrieval.
  • Recoded core functionality to improve performance and maintainability
  • Customize and extend 3rd party software
Technical/Customer SupportOngoing
Excellent call center experience including customer support, technical support, and saves
  • I over-exceeded expected customer retention ratings of 80% (standard: 55%), ranking 2nd out of 1100 employees in customer satisfaction and retention. (AOL April 2000 - August 2000)
  • Quality Control for PNM Call Center. (PNM August 2000 - December 2000)
  • Excellent Technical Support ratings at Earthlink, helping individuals regain internet access or solve email problems. (August 2003 - July 2004).
  • General Sales and Receptionist experience with emphasis on multi-tasking and efficiency.
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile
Programming: Java, PHP, JavaScript, C/C++/C#, Ruby, Perl, ASP, (X)HTML, CGI, Python, .NET
Databases: MySQL, SQL, Access, Oracle, Postgres
Frameworks/CMS: Ruby on Rails, CakePHP, code igniter, prototype, jquery, dragonfly, drupal, joomla, wordpress
Development: NetBean, Eclipse, jEdit, Subversion, GIT, Emacs
Graphics: Adobe Products (Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, etc...) Paint Shop Pro, Gimp, Lightwave 3D
Office: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, (and open source alternatives)
B.S., Computer ScienceSpring 2010
University of New Mexico, NM
3.3/4.0 GPA
Relevant Coursework
Photoshop 1 and 2
Flash 5
Java 152,251,352
Database and Algorithms
Network Design
1st in state for C++ Programming (AiS Program)
Patent Pending on efficient multi-layer text search GIS algorithm
Award-winning T-Shirt Design
References available upon request.